TUCO manifesto

TUCO sides with children and encourages them to fulfill all their wishes.

It opens both doors of home and imagination.

It turns off TV and smartphones in order to turn on dreams, because there is where images of a better world come from.

Children of the world, come and play!

Win back gardens, courtyards and porches.
Fill them with your cheerful voices.
Light them up with the colours of fantasy.

Remember to bring balloons, dolls and kites
Forget boredom.
Fulfill your dreams.

Become princesses and knights.
Sail the seas, fly into space.
Live the greatest adventure you can imagine.

Children, your home is out there.
Your home is the whole world.

So… what are you waiting for? The garden is open!

“A creative child is a happy child”
Bruno Munari

Growing up with creativity

Growing up with creativity means growing up happy. This is TUCO philosophy, which believes in creativity as a tool to develop a child’s skills. Skills that your kid will also need when he grows up and has to face the challenges of everyday life with joy and courage. Precisely those moods with which he now faces pirates, dragons and knights in the magical moment of play.

Playing grown-ups

A fantasy kingdom or a secret hideaway, TUCO’s playhouse is the space where you play grown-ups, where you learn by yourself, where you find real solutions to fantastic problems. This is how, by crossing a wooden threshold, children gain their autonomy. But this threshold also has another power: it takes back to their childhood parents who are invited to enter the playhouse!